Well this salt was originally formed from sea water and lava rock from the Archipelago islands. These days, seawater from around these Hawaiian Archipelago islands, is evaporated with activated charcoal. One of the most isolated places on the planet; these crystal clear waters are as such, due to minimal pollution and impact from the rest of the world, making the ideal environment for perfect, clean salt with health benefits to boot!

The making of pa’akai (salt) is an age old tradition for Hawaiian’s. For centuries this striking black salt has been used for curing and seasoning food. Black Hawaiian Sea salt is a pure, large crystal salt with added benefits from charcoal. With solar evaporation techniques very similar to centuries ago, salt Masters oversee the process to ensure the authenticity and quality of the product. These salt Masters are part of the Hawaiian salt Masters guild. Upholding the ancient traditions of a culture that values the beauty of a product produced from pristine local waters, keeping their ancestors culture alive. This method of solar evaporation is less intensive than other super-heated methods, which remove the natural ocean electrolytes and other happy little minerals from your everyday table salt.


Let’s start with flavour, because taste buds are there to be tickled! For me, flavour is so important, why waste time with bland food? It’s salty….obviously….but it also has an earthy note, savoury, almost smoky taste enhancing the flavour of numerous culinary delights, such as grilled fish, BBQ ribs and fire roasted vegetables. In relation to regular table salt, its oceanic flavour stands out as a fresh, untouched and pure hit on those ever intrigued taste buds.

With the addition of charcoal, the benefits just increase. A pure sea salt with purifying charcoal, what’s not to love?! Containing fewer additives due to its simple processing means no anti-caking chemicals either (which can be detrimental to your health). And less sodium than regular salt means you can season foods without excess asties’. Table salts can also have such additives as potassium iodate which can cause tissue damage and increase the risk of other diseases. Black salt is free from this and has the additional properties that charcoal brings. Charcoal is used to remove toxins from the body, a natural purifier. Anti-aging properties have also been studied, supporting the function of adrenal glands, protecting the liver and kidneys. And the lovely benefit of reducing flatulence!

So flatulence….let’s talk gas….these little crystal are known to help with gastrointestinal issues. Its charcoal purifying properties reduce intestinal gasses by binding certain foods in our gut, helping with digestion along the way. This also aids those who suffer with constipation too. So to put a neat little bow on it, food tastes great going in and feels good coming out….yep I said it.

Its crystal structure also aids with absorption into the body, matching the bloods crystalline structure. Meaning electrolytes, minerals and other healthy trace minerals can get to where they need to go.

To simplify the hy?’, Black Hawaiian sea salt is unrefined, pure and basic. Basic meaning ot messed with’ and isn’t that the goal? Refined, essed with’ foods lead to unnecessary additives, chemicals and a loss of the good, natural stuff our body enjoys and thrives from. With table salt higher in sodium, high blood pressure can easily creep up on you and water retention can cause the death of healthy cells. Whereas black Hawaiian has around 30% less sodium, which in turn reduces the risk of high blood pressure (reducing strokes and heart attacks) and water retention. Some studies even note a reduction in cellulite. Not only is it less sodium, but it is quality organic sodium that, as mentioned above, can be absorbed and put to the use it is needed.

So the question isn’t hy use it?’ but rather hy not?!’


As a chef in a previous life, creating the tastiest food has been an on-going endeavour for me. Using sea/rock salts during cooking, from fleur da sel to Himalayan pink and smoked to flavoured.

Finishing salts such as Hawaiian black are so important. I’ve always found spices, salts and oils fascinating. Salts have versatility and depth. With its striking colour, large crystals and unique flavour profile, Hawaiian black is ideal for finishing a dish. Almost used as a spice, sprinkle over scrambled eggs, beautifully roasted chicken or over asparagus with hollandaise. Even over exotic fruit salads, honey and yoghurt, home baked breads and the old faithful fries!

Additional uses can include skin care. Mixing the salt with coconut oil (1:2) it can become a fantastic body scrub, removing dead skin and purifying the pores. Perhaps a healthy dash of black Hawaiian sea salt in the bath easing those aches and pains is good for those who suffer with arthritis. Even using the salt directly on the skin as a scrub before a shower or bath can improve blood flow. The purifying charcoal in all these methods helping to fight against bacterial growth proves its versatility. And while we’re talking beauty regimes, the consumption of black salt can discourage split ends, dandruff and improve the quality of your hair.


To conclude, Hawaiian black sea salt is ideal for its unique flavour profile, adding flavour at the end of cooking without excess additives whilst also have the purifying properties of activated charcoal. The cleansing properties also apply to direct use on the skin, implementing a therapeutic addition to your daily beauty routine.

Also, isn’t it wonderful to hear of age old traditions living on, thriving and keeping a culture alive? The beauty of an unchanged, pure and near perfect creation, sticking to that famous mantra, f it aint broke, don’t fix it’. With the advancements of today’s world, this little black crystal makes me wonder what else we can peel back the layers of and find a purer form.