Black Salt is Kala Namak Salt: Hereto a bit of history about this Amazing Salt !

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our YouTube channel “Everyday Life”. Today again we are sharing one more interesting information with you. Our Today’s information is on very common household thing.

That is very easily available in each and every house. Today we are sharing information on Kala Namak Here we have Kala Namak Powder and Kala Namak in crystalline form Kala Namak is known as Black Salt in English.

Black salt is also known as Bid Noon, Bid Lavana and Bit Noon. Black salt is very common household salt across Indian Subcontinent Maharishi (Sage) Charak had described medicinal properties of Black salt in 300 BCE.

Black salt is popular for its medicinal properties. In our previous video on salt, we have just mentioned about black salt and why it is dark in colour. we have shared just that information So now we will share little more information on Black Salt.

And first, Black salt is not any natural occurring substance. It is man-made product. Black salt is prepared from rock salt mixed with few herbs such as Myrobalan ( Harad) and Indian Gooseberry and Sodium carbonate under very high temperature Due to this process, rock salt, a white or off-white coloured salt turned into this unique colour – deep brown redish colour and unique flavour- that has very high sulfur content.

Since, it is a man made product. Don’t ever think of making it at home as it requires high temperature Temperature around 760˚centigrade. 760˚centigrade means It is 7.5 times more than boiling water.

And you cannot achieve such high temperature at home. Black salt is famous for its medicinal properties. It has very high status in (Indian Traditional and Ancient System of Medicine and Way of Life).

As it includes many herbs for its manufacturing, hence it is commonly used for stomach problems especially digestion.. Here, these in front of you, are two varieties of Black salt – powder and crystalline form whereas you can get lump of this salt too in the market.

Black salt is largely prepared in Indian State of Haryana It is very labour intensive and time consuming work You will observe that Black Salt is available in the market at very reasonable price – if you compare it with the whole process of its preparation In north part of India, street foods are incomplete without Black Salt.

It is largely used in preparing Indian Spice Blend “Chaat Masala”. Properties of Black Salt makes it ideal for stomach and dental problems Now , Black salt has started gaining popularity in Western countries in their Everyday Life.

They are using black salt as vegan ( people who don’t consume animal based products) substitute for eggs to get flavour of eggs And I hope, our today’s information will be useful for you in your everyday life.

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