The Benefits of Epsom Salt

In the field of holistic and natural medicinal treatments, the use of Epsom salt crystals in its various uses has long been a well-established and beloved product. There are numerous Epsom salt uses that people can take advantage of in order to improve their overall health and their appearance.

Here Are Interesting Facts on Epsom Salt

So what are the the reasons that you should buy Epsom salt today and start using it to improve your quality of life? There are numerous reasons to do so, including the following:


When people think about Epsom salt uses, it is likely that the most common one that people know about is the calming and regenerative effect that Epsom salt has on the human body. Many people – myself and my family included – have taken Epsom salt baths to relieve joint pain and other physical ailments, leaving them feeling rejuvenated and healthier.

The reason that the Epsom salt crystals can accomplish this healing method is mainly due to its chemical makeup. Epsom salt sea salt is also known for as Magnesium Sulfate, a compound that has been proven over the years to solve a number of ailments. Many people suffer from a magnesium deficiency, which can lead to muscle weakness and joint pains (even going as far as causing seizures), so if one were to buy Epsom salt and take a bath with it – or in more extreme cases, taking a Magnesium Sulfate supplement or injection – muscle pain will be reduced and swelling will lessen. Indeed, Epsom salt uses include the aiding in reduction of symptoms for people with chronic inflammatory conditions such as gout and various forms of arthritis.

Specifically on the topic of muscle pain, conditions that are related to and/or tangential to the effects of muscle swelling, tightness, or pain can be vastly improved by using Epsom salt. For instance, if you were to take an Epsom salt bath and it helps to relax the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and upper back, issues such as migraines can be addressed and improved as well!

In addition, Epsom salt can also be administered as a laxative if needed. Naturally, one needs to be careful of drinking Epsom salt mixture (despite being a type of salt, it’s not meant to be ingested like normal salt), but in small doses Epsom salt can be used to alleviate symptoms of constipation in addition to physical pain, But be sure to check with your doctor and be very careful when ingesting Epsom salt; despite it being an effective laxative, ingesting too much Epsom salt can cause severe diarrhea and dehydration, so be on alert!


In addition to aiding in general physical ailments, there are many good Epsom salt uses for feet  . Epsom salts, when used in a foot soak, can help cure many foot-related ailments such as fungal infections (such as athlete’s foot). They can also help exfoliate your feet, removing dead skin cells and serving much in the same way a pedicure does. Epsom salts can also help remove splinters that have made their way into your feet, and can also help with general pain relief (much like was noted earlier).

It is important to note though that Epsom salt uses for feet are not a cure-all by themselves, necessarily. For instance, to treat fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, wh

ile the Epsom salts can help isolate and “bring out” the infection while also softening the skin around the infection (see the link for more information), just using Epsom salts to “cure” the affliction will not necessarily work simply on its own. Be sure to also use doctor-prescribed medications or over-the-counter fungal infection medicine along with Epsom salt sea salt to help cure what ails you.


As noted, one of the main Epsom salt uses is exfoliating skin, and in so doing can also soften dry skin to make it smoother, healthier, and more comfortable for you. As such, you should buy Epsom salt to help treat skin issues brought on by specific skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. However, it is always important to check with your doctor – or at the very least do some research first – to make sure that Epsom salt will indeed help you.

While Epsom salt can help cure many skin conditions, some skin conditions can actually be worsened by applying Epsom salt (since the coarse nature of Epsom salt sea salt may rub and exfoliate too much and cause issues). Also, be aware: if your skin is dry to the point that you have an open wound (or if there is a wound due to injury), _do not use Epsom salt_. Doing so could cause the wound to become irritated and inflamed, and may actually make the problem worse!


Related to the topic brought up earlier regarding Epsom salt as a laxative, one of the main Epsom salt uses can be to eliminate toxins in your body, which will in turn improve your physical well-being. While we have talked already about the magnesium portion of Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), it is mainly in the sulfate portion that toxins are addressed.

The way this works  is that the sulfates in Epsom salt, especially when used in a bath, draw out harmful salt and also the toxins in your body – via a process called reverse osmosis – and replacing those harmful toxins with the magnesium and sulfate that seep into your body to replace them. This way, you gain the effects of those compounds (as noted earlier, adding magnesium to your system improves many issues such as muscle and joint pain) while removing the negative chemicals that have been harming you.



Finally, Epsom salt uses go beyond the simple physical benefits. Indeed, Epsom salt can improve your mental state and stress levels as well!

When the Epsom salt enters your body via reverse osmosis, the benefits of the magnesium contained within also help trigger brain chemicals, specifically melatonin, that aid in producing healthy and natural sleep. In addition, the introduction of magnesium via Epsom salt can help regulate stress levels and can even help with curing (or at least lessening) the symptoms of depression  in many people, specifically by increasing the levels of serotonin (aka the “happiness hormone“) in your body.

So there you have it – if you want to feel better physically, relieve your aches and pains, and even improve your mental state, you may want to buy Epsom salt and begin your journey to feeling healthier and more relaxed!