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I thought I’d take a moment to share with you another valuable health and well-being sort of bit that I enjoy and really like and that Himalayan pink salt.

Before you I have these two pink Himalayan salt lamps and essentially this is one big block of Himalayan pink salt that’s been carved into a bowl and inside are the carved ball salt and there’s a bulb inside, and what this does is it releases negative ions that cleanses the air.

It’s very very helpful and beneficial to have as it counteracts a lot of the EMFs that we are exposed to constantly, and I really love the way they look!

In addition to the benefits that it offers a lot of people with sinus issues will use a neti pot full of really helpful and beneficial pink Himalayan salt, just sort of cleanse the sinuses and it means the list goes on and on…

But I thought I would just take a moment to share with you one way of incorporating Himalayan pink salt into your day-to-day life and into your home space is to have it in the form of a salt lamp.

Now they come in different shapes as well. I’ve seen them in pyramid shapes in just a beautiful big round sphere in sort of a more naturalistic sort of chunk. But I really was drawn to these and I also tend to get pieces in pairs, and so I got this.

There’s another way to incorporate it without getting a two of these larger salt lamps is to get them in these sort of votive holders, and a little bit of warmth sort of activates the negative ionic properties.

And here this is a carved from a one piece of Himalayan pink salt, and you would just take a votive such as one of these that I have.

And these are made with beeswax I will go ahead and trim that wick and pop it in like so and light it and that’s a very nice votive I think to have; it’s very pretty and it’s helpful as well.

I love these pink Himalayan salt votives I have about 2,000 of these sort of sporadically placed throughout my home space and only use these beeswax votives.

I prefer not to use anything paraffin based or petroleum derivatives. You know I can’t say I’m 100 percent natural and holistic but I try where I can, and so there we go!

There’s other ways of incorporating Himalayan salt into your life in addition to these lamps or these votive holders. You can replace the salt that you have in your household and instead of using iodized table salt which holds zero nutritional value.

It’s good to get a little bit of pink Himalayan salt and a pinch of it in place of regular salt use is most beneficial and has a lot of essential minerals that are is naturally occurring in our body; but I can’t stress how helpful it is and I’m so glad to have these I in the kitchen.

Do use pink Himalayan salt in place of regular iodized table salt so there you have it a little bit of my appreciation and fondness for pink Himalayan salt in the household and home space

Thank you so much !

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