Hi everybody look at this. This is so beautiful. I love it and it tastes so yummy. This is a Himalayan salt slab. It’s. Actually, just one large chunk of naturally harvested pink, Himalayan salt, pink Himalayan salt is actually the least forest salt.

You can find, and that’s, why they’re, able to carve it to huge slabs like this one and big chunks, and what do you do with this right? What is this? What do you do with it? These become very popular as a novelty for chefs and anyone who loves food, we could put it on your grill or on top of your cooktop stove or in your oven, and you raise the temperature of it to about 450 degrees.

I never recommend over going over that temperature just because it still is a gift from Mother Earth and there’s, probably water molecules in there or air pockets, and so, if you rise above 450 degrees, it might you know explode.

So you don’t want to do that. That would be bad. It would ruin your salt and also your oven. Probably so you raise it to temperature and then you can actually sear a steak on it or sautee, some shrimp, possibly even frying egg.

While you’re, you’re cooking on one of these. You’re, actually salting. Your food, while you cook, which is really cool, imagine you know: frying an egg or sauteing shrimp and also salting your food. While you’re cooking it and you’re salting it with the world’s, purest salt Himalayan.

So it’s, truly an amazing gift. My favorite way to enjoy these are to actually stick them in the frigerator or freezer and then take them out after about you know an hour of chilling, put a blob of caramel and a big scoop of ice cream, and then that is truly salted ice cream.


Source : Youtube