What’s up and welcome back to another episode of cooking with Sonny.

Today we’re making a beautiful rosemary sage salt with lemon zest and garlic it’s something.

I love dearly and I will be bringing up in many of my recipes and videos.

So I’m gonna use Maldon salt for this. you could use kosher salt or sea salt gets a little salty when you blend it.

For me so I would stick with kosher or Maldon; got a cup of salt going in here.  next step is just gonna be to pick our rosemary. Just want to take it off the stem and your hands are going to smell like rosemary for the rest of the day!

Trust me next step we’re just going to pick our sage you just want the leaves nice and easy just add your herbs to your salt. No need to chop them up as Cuisinart will do that for you.

Now we’re gonna add our garlic: you just want to peel it and use about 3 4 medium cloves and here just want to cut up your garlic;  just a little bit add it into your Cuisinart along with the salt and herbs.

Next step we’re gonna zest our lemons and put them in with the herbs and salt: we got a little little trick for you here then you’re zesting a lemon:  instead of just taking the lemon and zesting it like this just, hold the lemon hold your microplane here start at the top near the bottom of the microplane, and just pull around going around lemon.  This is going to get you well.

Just a nice job of getting all the zest off just that first top layer pastry chef taught me this actually.  straight into your side.  remember guys when you’re zesting a lemon: just don’t pull into the whites of the lemon,  just get that outer edge as we all know the whites are bitter, so there you go.

Next step I’m just gonna blend up our salt might be good to pulse it a few times just to get it going and let that run so this has been blending for about 30 seconds sometimes.  That garlic will stick to the bottom corner, so just take a spatula or a spoon or whatever you have and just give it a good mix lid back on.

We’re gonna continue blending for about another minute.  that’s done!  Let’s have a look “oh my god it’s like a beautiful delicious green sand man”.  I can’t wait for smell to come through TVs because this smells absolutely incredible and the color it’s also amazing!

So guys this salt is gonna be something I bring up in a lot of my videos a lot of the recipes. I mean it’s one of those things poultry lamb beef braising pork potatoes carrots.

I mean this is good on everything learn how to make this keep it in your fridge: never leave this out it’s gonna dry out because of the garlic and the lemon you want to keep it cold in your fridge and a Tupperware.

Rosemary Salt and that’s all for today guys. I hope you enjoy.


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