Celtic sea salt brand is harvested in the Brittany region of France located along the Northwest Atlantic coast.

The region’s called active sea currents and large tides make it an ideal salt producing region.

Celtic sea salt brand is the product of a symbiotic relationship between man and nature using an ancient evaporation technique thus alters or polluting iere and French work gently and patiently with the Sun wind and tides to produce a mineral rich whole salt.

Twice a month at high tide the pollute channel pure ocean water into pristine ponds.  From there the sea water continues its journey through the myriad of channels in a salt marsh with generations of experience.

Behind them the polluted intuitively know the proper technique for controlling the flow of water; these channels empty into a series of clay lined ponds.

The polluted using only wooden implements and traditional techniques passed down from father to son search the water back and forth to facilitate the evaporation process producing this miracle of nature.

In recognition of its significance as a national treasure the French government has declared over 9,000 acres in the Brittany region to be protected as a historic area thus ensuring it will be maintained in pristine condition for generations to come.

Celtic sea salt brand is available in three varieties light gray celtic fine-ground and flower of the ocean: Light gray celtic is a corpse moist salt that gets its light gray hue from the pure clay lining of the salt pans it is harvested from.  It may be ground with a mortar and pestle or used in a salt grinder. It is perfect for cooking because the crystals dissolve with heat and moisture and food is enhanced by its assertive flavor.

Celtic sea salt brand fine-ground begins as light gray Celtic but is then dried at a low temperature before being finely ground.  It works well as an all-purpose shaker salt and as a recipe ingredient fine ground is an excellent transitional salt for those wanting an healthy yet convenient alternative to processed salts. It is truly the caviar of salts flower of the ocean and is a natural phenomenon of the salt flats of northern France.

When the weather conditions are just right these small delicate crystals form naturally on the surface of the salt brine where they are carefully skimmed off by the polluter.

A flower of the ocean has an elegant and complex flavor balanced with a hint of sweetness. Top chefs use flower of the ocean for its subtle characteristics and ability to enhance flavor.

It is ideal as a finishing salt in cooking or in baking in addition to enhancing the flavor of most any dish; Celtic sea salt brand is a beneficial addition to most diets with a natural balance of minerals and trace elements.

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